Did I tell you about the time…?

Our patient, c/c “chest pain”, was sinus tach and sprinkling PVCs like confetti.

We’re applying oxygen, he’s got some morphine on board, and we’re just opening the nitro when he codes, just as we get to the hospital.

We hit the ED doors running, pushing, bagging.

“Code! We need a room!”

“Room 4!” The charge is right on top of things.

We roll into room four. “On Three! onetwothree!”

Our patient is onto the bed, CPR resumes, bagging resumes.

The attending physician is a new guy, I’ve never seen him before.

“What’s the story?”

“68 year old male, chest pain for 1 day, took two aspirin 325 at home and called 911, sinus tach with PVCs on the way in, coded three minutes ago.”


“Full code” Really? Didn’t he see us working the guy? But okay.

The attending says to the nurse, “Get RT down here, let’s tube this guy,”

To us: “Stop CPR. Let’s get a rhythm check.”

We stop CPR. The monitor shows little tremors, minor quakes on the surface of the heart. Some life left, it seems.

“Fine VFib,” the attending says. “Charge and shock”

A nurse grabs paddles, puts her hand on the dial. “What do you want to charge to?” she asks.

The attending seems to consider it.

“Oh, I think he just need about tree-fiddy.”

“I’m sorry?” the nurse said.

“He need about tree-fiddy.”

Well, it was about then that we noticed the attending was a six-story tall crustacean from the Paleolithic era.

“Dammit, monster!” I said. “We ain’t chargin’ to no tree-fiddy! In this ED we *work* our patients! Ain’t no protocol for tree-fiddy! Monophasic, bi-phasic, ain’t none of them call for tree-fiddy!”


New App – Parkland

Available on the link to the left, or in the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dtsemt.parkland

As usual, completely free, and ad-free.  Calculates fluid resuscitation requirements based on the Parkland formula.


New App

… in the Google Play store.  DTsEMT Menu allows you to remove any shortcuts you might have to other DTs (Medics of Anarchy) titles and replace them with a single shortcut to the Menu app, freeing up screen space.

The app scans your device on launch and creates a menu of all DTsEMT titles – building, well, a menu.

It does NOT check the Play store for new DTsEMT titles.

Absolutely free, like all MoA apps.

who is… The Most Interesting Medic In The World…?

To him, anything less than a 14 gauge in the Circle of Willis is a peripheral line;

When he marks “transporting”,  the hospital pages a “Code Awesome, ETA 5 minutes”;
When he brings in a patient, the ED docs gather around – to learn;
When he was dispatched to the wrong address, the occupant faked illness to become his patient;
Just sitting at his table at lunch is worth one hour CE credit
 He needs no siren; he just smiles at the rear view mirrors of the cars in front of him
Any more?

Apropos Veterans Day

In the past month – a normal month for DTs, by the way – I have met:

a Cold War submarine commander;

an original  Tuskegee airman;

a soldier/POW from the Battle of the Bulge;

a tanker from Patton’s Third Army;

at least three infantrymen who saw France – beginning D-Day;  a couple more who toured Europe via the scenic Italian route;

an Air Force officer who served in Vietnam;

a young man on leave who is still serving our country…

Folks are right, there are heroes to be found when one is in the Fire/EMS gig, and it’s our privilege to serve them.


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