Bouyant Flotsam in a Sea of Pain – m. cannon

Finished PALS today, for the first time. Traffic contributed to me being about 20 minutes late, but thanks to running around with PTS for the last three weeks I know the area much better and was able to skirt most of it. Funny, people ask “You’ve lived in Northern Virginia your entire life and don’t know [the streets] [the hospitals] [the nursing homes] [etc]?” Yes, certainly I’ve lived here all this time – but I didn’t spend it driving from hospitals to nursing homes, did I?

Anyway, since I came into the EMS field from a lifetime in computers, things perhaps old to most are fresh to me. I thought it was funny, for instance, to hear (from our PALS instructors) that First Responders tend to think of the “ABCs” as “the Ambulance Be Coming”s.

I worked PTS on the 09:00-21:00 shift Monday and Tuesday, ran with OWL Tuesday night, took Wednesday off PTS for PALS, and as stated finished PALS today. I’ll be filling in for a friend at OWL for Saturday, so this week’s been rather busy.


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