Fifty Laps in the Gene Pool

Here it is, a work in progress. I’m using Blog – Web Log Builder 7.10, freeware, to put this together, so it will be in flux for the next week or so until I get it just right. With that in mind, some of the stuff here won’t work yet – e.g. comments – but don’t worry, these things are On The List and will be Dealt With Shortly.

Arright. Enough messing with it tonight. Besides, I think I’ve finished my clinical requirements to test for NREMT-P. Have to make a final count, make copies, get signed off and all that. The only bottleneck now is the fifty lead calls needed. 50. And of course, I’m not the only person who needs calls. Prince William County (P-Willy) has a classload of riders this semester, too. My medics therefore are unavailable to me on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, leaving Tuesdays and Thursdays. M-W, though, I work at Physician’s Transport, and I’m way too new to blow off 1/3 of my workdays simply so I can ride along.

Worst case scenario, I do not get my fifty calls – in which case I simply test for NREMT-I in January. In almost every county in Virginia there is nothing a “P” can do which an “I” cannot. I could precept as a medic with an NREMT-I, and from that point on just about every call I got would count towards the fifty.
But I’d rather be a Paramedic. Somehow I get the feeling that when patients see “Intermediate” on your uniform, to them it might as well read “Jr. Trainee”.


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