The Pitter-Patter of Little Feat

Wednesday, November 03 2004

My usual partner was out Sunday, giving me the opportunity to run BLS with my two thirds, neither of whom is yet an EMT-B (although one is a driver). Of course, Sunday turned into The Day The Airbags Deployed. No fewer than three back-to-back MVAs with airbag deployment, and here we are toting but two long boards. The third guy therefore got KED’d out. Things were hopping at PoH such that they hadn’t a chance to clean the boards they had on hand. I found some unused in the hose room of Station 12 while we refueled before returning to Station 2.

Evidently, someone didn’t much care for that, though, for I received a call from the rescue chief asking me if I’d absconded with boards from other units. “Tell me, where did those boards come from?” “Hose room.” “Not from other units?” “Nope.” “Good answer.” Sheesh. Some whiny motherfucker didn’t have the balls to walk up to me there at Station 12 and ask about them, but rather ran sobbing to the rescue chief. Boo hoo.

SO, to top off that Fun Day, a middle-aged gentleman decided to code in the wee hours as a finale to our little weekend adventure. My two Thirds each got some BVM time and chest time both on scene, and tagging along with the medic, who transported. Their First Code, and although we found out where some extra training is going to come in handy next duty night, they did well!

Ah yes, I also found out today that some, ah, indelicate handling of the transport situation from several days back, from PoH to Fairfax, has resulted in the Lieutenant who was Lead during that call actually quitting OWL.

via DTs EMT.


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