Rice Served With Lemon Wedgies

Sunday, November 07 2004

Ah, Country Buffet! For those who don’t have one available, think of an All-You-Can-Eat Denny’s. The food is good if not fancy. We responded to a 2nd-due call for adult dizziness, but the medic decided to transport. Finding ourselves famished, and conveniently located to the aforementioned establishment, we decided on a good breakfast.

Our dining was interrupted by a call. Both the Lead for a Day and I had pagers, and we both read the same thing – at Total Rental Care, an elderly pt c/o a bleeding chest. We grabbed our receipts from the restaurant and mounted up, only to spend six whole minutes traveling around looking for this rental place. I imagined it was some sort of car wash/detailing spot for Hertz types, or a place to rent home-care tools like floor waxers. We soon found it – Total RENAL Care. We had each read the extra “T” into our pages. It was your ordinary dialysis center with nary a New Car Smell Dispenser in sight. Our patient had jiggled a central line and lost perhaps 50cc of blood, which looked worse than it was. We transported, cleaned and restocked, then receipts in hand returned to Country Buffet, whose fare had by this time transmogrified to an all-you-can-eat Lunch place. Perfect! These folks kindly (and not for the first time!) honored our receipts and we were able to scarf sufficient lunch to fuel our continuing life saving efforts. If there’s such a restaurant in your due and you’ve not yet been, it is heartily recommended.

Alas, the day slowed. Until, that is, one of our Thirds exited class, bringing a classmate tagalong. Since the additions to the family brought our crew count up to five, either me or my lead needed to head off to another venue, such as running with Station 14’s medic crew and garnering lead ALS calls for the Registry. I declined, so off went my Lead.

I became Lead for Station 2, therefore, but our departing member’s white cloud didn’t dissipate until 23:30 and a possible CVA; after that, a 2yoF difficulty breathing, an MVC with one neck-and-back pain, and a possible sudden-onset A-Fib with dizziness (transport declined) to round out the duty. Since our rotations are every six days, my next scheduled duty night is Friday from 18:00 to 08:00 Saturday.

via DTs EMT.


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