Panting By Numbers

Saturday, November 13 2004

Got to run the second-worst call of the shift this morning. Dispatched for an “unconscious”, we found our patient seizing behind the wheel of his automobile. All the windows were down, the engine was off and cold, and it was 2am. We were told the patient was expected home at 10pm, but nobody thought anything of it that he wasn’t. End result, patient probably did arrive at ten and had been seizing in the driveway for four hours. Hypothermic, tonic-clonic, incontinent, a very difficult stick – ugh.

But, as stated, this was the second-worst call. The details of the worst call can only be inferred from the CAD – 22 yo patient “out drinking” found by Mom this am with head stuck in the bathroom trash can (who knows how long she’d been there), not breathing and cyanotic; next entry CPR in progress, and the medic who did get the call spent a long, long time at the receiving hospital.

Kind of a theme here, I suppose, folks. Be the kind of over-protective, butt-inskyish, embarrassing parent that waits up for the kids when they’re out.

via DTs EMT.


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