Pasty White Icing Substitute

Tuesday, November 16 2004

Sometimes it feels… empty. As if ambulance transport is to EMS what the Stop/Slow guys are to law enforcement. We shall consider this.

Actually, today was Work day, not Run 911 Calls day. Still, it had its moments.

Okay, one really long moment that had lots of plot twists. At PTS the tradition is that you drive a call, then tech a call, then drive a call… and due to circumstances my driver yesterday done went and bust’ a mirror off a competitor services ambulance, quite accidentally and no facetiousness intended. Exuent personae dramatis…

Today my (different person) partner and I pull into a local hospital. Two fine young ladies from aforementioned service are there – one of whom was for a long time a classmate of mine, one of whom runs with my volunteer service and was on my crew before redistribution. Festive and joyous reunion, “fancy meeting you here” all around. I note their mirror is intact. “That was you?” they ask. Curtain falls.

Curtain rises on DTs and partner inside the hospital, for their patient pickup. And who might this patient be? A very close relative of DTs, that’s who – purely by the laws of Chance and Probability (a Janus-like god if e’er there was, singly claiming a false duality!) And DTs turn to tech, too.

As Dramma (as it’s pronounced) it’s thin and poorly entertaining – we takes what we can gets, Precious. Aw, who’re we kidding? It’s boring. But still, that’s my day and I’m sticking to it.

via DTs EMT.


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