Exercise Caution

Be careful:

Authorities have closed the westbound lanes of Interstate 70 in Ellicott City due to multiple crashes involving a tractor-trailer, an ambulance and a truck. State police said the crash involves three vehicles.

Investigators say it happened when an ambulance carrying a pregnant woman eastbound on I-70 crossed over into the westbound lane and smashed head-on into a tractor trailer. The two vehicles were then struck by a flatbed truck carrying cardboard boxes.

The driver of the ambulance was killed. Three other persons in the emergency vehicle — including the pregnant woman — were taken to various hospitals.

This unit was not responding, or dodging traffic.

More information here, and here, with overall crash statistics and information here.

Yes, this sort of thing happens all the time. Remember, folks:

* There’s always a minute or so to run a seatbelt strap through the Lifepak or the carry strap of the portable O2 (unsecured objects wind up smacking us…)

* You can get your lines and assess your patient while strapped in; if you can’t, do your “can’t do it while strapped in” stuff, as much as possible, before you go en route or respond to the hospital

via DTs EMT.


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