Small Calibre Rage Going Post-It-Notal

Tuesday, November 23 2004

Another car wreck in front of us last night, this one a single vehicle which went straight instead of turning with the exit ramp from I-95, plowing through part of a barrier and onto a grassy shoulder. No injuries, and I swear it happened right in front of us – there’s no way I could have caused it. Not even to liven up an otherwise uninteresting evening. And anyway it was PDO (we did stop and make sure no one was hurt. Even though it wasn’t our fault.)

Sheesh. I think that makes it three or four times something of that nature has happened, where we Transport People get to stop and play 911 Guys for a few minutes. Am I black-clouding this or is it my partner? We’ll see. I have the second half of my ACLS class tomorrow, during which time he runs with someone else, so we’ll see if anything interesting happens.

Although I do tend to think I’m somewhat of an off-duty black cloud. Years ago before I even considered the EMS field I got a pedestrian-vs-auto, a pickup-truck rollover with double ejection, a 4-door sedan rollover with mom and baby ejection (baby ejected car seat and all, and miraculously unharmed), a couple of others which don’t immediately come to mind…

Anyway, our daughter is due home from college this evening at 23:00, and a nephew is arriving by 19:00 or so… much to do.

via DTs EMT.


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