Pungi Stick Talking Points

Friday, November 26 2004

Wednesday night was the Eve of Refusals; we had one (1) patient transport to the hospital, and all the rest wanted refusals – the guy who hadn’t eaten solid food in 3 weeks (vs stable, glucose 140’s, A&Ox3); the guy who had was in an mvc with deployment who now had right-side pain, which “went away” after a four-lead…

It wasn’t that each of these folks had family in town or anything – many of them were living alone. And they called 911. And their problems were not immediately life-threatening. So they stayed home. Very strange.

And of course, Thanksgiving. That time of year you gather with the extended family and Explain What You Do.

Why is it that everyone waits until you have a table so weighted down with food that it sounds like a too-deep submarine (groans and rivet popping ala Das Boot), why is it then that people want to know about the goriest mvc, or the “worst burn you ever saw”?

Sure, we can eat and talk about that stuff all day long – honestly, how many times have we come off a code and gone straight out to KFC, pass the coleslaw? – but poor Aunt Minnie is gettin’ pale over there, by gum, so we tend not to discuss that stuff unless we’re with our EMS Brethren.

And we all have the relative who gauges folks by how much money they make. The inevitable question comes, “So, how much do you make a year doing that?” and I explain that at this point, two months shy of Paramedic, I am a volunteer. I was actually asked if I volunteered for FREE, or if I got paid to volunteer… sigh.

via DTs EMT.


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