Less Filling Strobe Light

Monday, November 29 2004

Well, on 11/23 I pondered whether ’twas me black-clouding the evenings, or my partner.

‘Sme. Partner worked several days last week while I attended classes, took off Thanksgiving and the Friday afterwards, etc, etc, no problems. I returned to work today.

And there we go, innocently off to a patient pickup when we crest a hill and find a 30-second-old accident involving three vehicles – lots of glass and plastic on the road. Personae dramatis include Driver 1,Driver 2, and Driver Mom with her two kids bringing up the rear vehicle. No airbags deployed, no windshield breaks, no steering column or dashboard deformities for anyone.

Kids, ages 2 and 3 by their size, are still in their car seats and seem fine. Middle guy and Mom both have neck and back pain (although both were out of their cars, amblin’ about) so we sit both down and take C-spine until the County guys could get there.

I think I’m prepared for this – I rather expected something based on my black-cloud theory – and so I have this here nifty orange vest with reflective yellow tape and “OWL VFD” in big letters. So I get to lean in to Car the Last and hold Mom’s C-Spine. Can’t get all the way as Kid 1 is buckled into his car seat directly behind mom, which means my legs are sticking out the door while cars whizz by. All I needed was for some dumbass to rear-end the car, make it jolt forward, slam the door shut, and break both my legs.

Fortunately, PD showed up and blocked the lane for us and shortly thereafter the County’s engine and medic arrived.

Guess I gotta start carrying flares and stuff too, now.

via DTs EMT.


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