Facelifting and Wait Training

Thursday, December 02 2004

“Yeah, it’s quiet. A little too quiet.”

According to City Data, Woodbridge VA had a (year 2000) population of 31,941 souls, none of whom required 911 assistance Tuesday night. Which is of course a good thing.

“Wait a sec… my Medic Sense is tingling!”: Is there such a phenomena in EMS as the “quiet before the storm”, or was Tuesday a statistical occurrence? Certainly it has happened before that we didn’t turn a wheel on duty, but such evenings are rare. And how could it be, that so many people would individually know nothing of an impending MCI, yet collectively refrain from invoking the 911 system? That bit just doesn’t make sense, and so, no storm may be predicted…

That’s part of the allure, of course. In EMS one never knows what’s coming next, yet we’ve got to be prepared for it anyway. Including, I suppose, the always totally unexpected event of no event at all.

via DTs EMT.


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