New Dung in the Old Stable

Friday, January 07 2005

Well, that was an adventure. But as we all know, “An adventure is someone else having a hell of a rough time, a thousand miles away.” This one’s not quite done.

The way National Registry testing goes is, one is given a set of tasks or stations. For instance, there is a Dynamic Cardiology station, a Static Cardiology station, a Trauma station, a Medical station, and so on, numbering twelve or so. Each of these stations consists of a series of steps – some contain as many as two dozen – which must be performed to complete the station. Additionally, there are a series of missteps – again, sometimes a dozen – which if even one is performed, automatically negates the whole of the station: you lose.

So, in other words, to do up the station right, jump from one Magic Stone to the next in the correct order, but say the Secret Dark Word and your life is forfeit (odd imagery, but my son’s playing a video game in the same room).

Now, do it again for the next station. And the next. And get them all right.

Oh yes – you’re allowed to finish, to your satisfaction, each station, and are let to know later, when you’re done with all twelve, if you passed or failed any, but if you failed, you must not be told why.

We hates the National Registry, Preciousss, yes we does.

Twelve tasks, each pass/fail, where pass = 100% correct. Okay. Some people actually get through that the first time, but I didn’t.

If one misses a station, or two – there’s a definite limit – one may retest those stations, either “now” or “later”. I had some retests to take, but took one “now” and realized that my brain had fled South for the winter at some point. Instead, I’ll retest my few – not all – of the stations at some later point, probably in two weeks or so when I receive the Official Confirmation of my less-than-stellar performance of this evening.

I wonder, of the 70-some folks there this evening, how many are heir to this fate tonight?

As for me, my brain went Walkabout, so I’m filling the space with fumes from a fine vintage, and reading, finally, a good book received Christmas but unopened due to studying…

via DTs EMT.


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