Hooky and Other Multi-Player Games

Saturday, January 08 2005

I should be running on the bambulance tonight, but alas, it is not to be. All is SNAFU in OWL-Land. Only the superstitious would see this as an Omen.

Each year in the first days of January the Mighty amongst OWL switch everyone around,
between each of the three stations (Station 2, 12, and 14) and each of the crew
shifts (labeled “A” thru “F”.)

My station remained the same from last year to this, but my crew switched from “F”
to “A” crew. Despite the similarity in letters to the US grading system,
this does not mean that DTs has gone from Failing to High Marks.

Of itself, not a big deal, except for this: They Start The Alphabet Over on this
Mystery Date. It’s easier to explain in pictures:

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Here we have a typical week – six crews, seven days, which means that if “F” crew is “on” Wednesday this week, that crew will be “on” Tuesday of next week, Monday after that, and so on. Since “A” crew follows “F” crew, that meant that if I ran Wednesday this week (I did) then, on the new crew, I would run Wednesday next week, and follow “A” crew schedule from then on (Tuesday, Monday, Sunday…)

But they not only change the personnel, they “start over” on a particular day (which is not Jan 01, btw) and so today, Saturday, is now “A” crew’s turn, and I’m now on “A” crew.

Based, however, on the understanding (see table) above, Plans Were Made by She Who Must Be Obeyed. Saturday is verbotten

We’re also required to run Bingo duties every Wednesday and Saturday (different schedules and crews) and that hasn’t changed – but the schedule I have is from October, and is, I am told, wrong. I have yet to receive a corrected version. Instead of working Bingo at some other time, I am also supposed to do that tonight, which ain’t gonna happen.

Finally to all this – I find out my assumptions concerning Saturday crew, Next Wednesday, and Bingo are all wrong – Wednesday this week. Testing for “I” was Thursday and Friday, so did DTs have time to drop studying and/or testing and find a substitute for these his duties? No, DTs did not.

I get a new CO with my new shift – whatta first impression this’ll make!


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