I Want A CowCatcher on My Bambulance

Wednesday, January 19 2005

First snow of the year in No. VA. And Hoodathunk? Everyone forgets how to drive. We transported three patients today during a 12 hour shift, for a total mileage of 88. Yes, subtract fifteen minutes to package the patient; transport, and fifteen minutes to give report and get back on the road. For three patients, this adds up to 90 minutes. Subtract that from a twelve-hour day and you have eighty-eight miles traveled in 10-1/2 hours. Round it down to an even ten to get an average speed, on Our Nations Highways, of 8.8 mph.

Whee. Me bum’s sore.

Darwin, don’t fail me now. Tomorrow I get to run 911 for whoever lived through today.

via DTs EMT.


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