The Right Stuff

Saturday, March 26 2005

Sometimes I get the feeling I’m not as “into” EMS as are others. At least, not the stuff.

To illustrate: When one encounters a group of fire guys talking about their work, one will hear something like this:

FF1: “Did you hear Station 99 got a Fireblaster 3000?”

FF2: “I hear that has a OptiFoam Regurgitator – that must be sweet!”

FF1: “Yeah – at 66 million RPF it beats hell of the Piddlemeister!”

FF2: “Say DTs, what do you think of the Deluge Deluxe?”

DTs: “Um, it’s yellow?”

After a minute of silence, DTs realizes his coffee has cooled .5 degrees and must be recharged. He wanders off, to the great relief of all.

But I think I’ve figured it out. Fire is a young man’s game, that was my first clue.

This is their baseball cards.

In my not-misspent youth one had to maintain a familiarization with cars in order to join a conversation. Horsepower, colors, how many wheels, that sort of thing, whether Ford is better than Chevy or is in fact Found On Road Dead. If they are fast. Other minutia, I am sure.

Guessing that DTs often realized his Coke had warmed .5 degrees and needed more ice means you’re a good guesser, that’s all.

Or, okay, football teams – the names of the players, heated speculation as to whether they would, in fact, throw the ball at some point in the game, and what that might mean to the Scheme of Things.

Guy1: “Do you think the Wombats have a chance this year?”

Guy2: “Yes, if they score many points. If others score more, then, no.”

DTs: “Succinctly done – every game commentary ever, distilled into Essence.”

DTs is adept at reading The Look which means, “You’re ruining it. Go away. Perhaps your tea is cold.”

But all this is all right – whatever entertains, says I.

In the meantime, I am simply delighted that I can wander into my station and they’ll hand me the keys to my Monster Medic, a half a million dollars worth of stuff, and say, “Do as thou wilt.” – knowing, of course, that I “wilt” eagerly anticipate the tones and do the EMS thing.

Of course, I hear good things about the Lifepack 20…


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