More of a Post-It than a Post

Thursday, May 26 2005

It is the waning days of Spring, when a young EMT’s fancy turns to passing the NREMT test. DTs simply must study, folks. In preparation for the tests next week, both written and practical, a two day “refresher” course is offered by NOVA – an offer which I cannot refuse. Since I run tonight, and spend Friday and Saturday at the All Day Refresher Retreat and Jamboree, it is my earnest hope to have a new post up by Saturday evening, at the latest.

NOVA is, by the way, a most useless agglomeration of wordage while on-scene. Case in point.

Delivering a patient from a hospital to a rehab facility, DTs was pressing the “raise bed” control in his cupped and hidden left hand while “levitating” the bed with his right hand, eyes half-closed and humming the bit from Star Wars where Luke was lifting his ship from the muck on Yoda’s planet.

DTs partner de jeure, sensing the need for input, darthed, “The Emergency Medical Technology Department of Northern Virginia Community College has taught you well, young DTs.”

Well, okay. It was funny at the time simply because of the drawn out nature of the remark.

Something good (one would hope) by Saturday, then.


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