Clever Ploy or Biting Criticism?

Saturday, June 18 2005

“Que pasa?” asks DTs as he identifies the patient in the group. “What’s going on?”

The patient glances around for support. “No hablo Ingles,” says the patient to DTs.

“Que molestias tiene?” asked DTs. “What’s bothering you?”

“No hablo Ingles,” came the reply. Various nods in the silent group. It is true.

“Ooookay. Um, donde el dolor?” “Where is the pain?”

“No hablo Ingles,” again.

“Habla Ingles algien aqui?” “Does anyone here speak English?” asks DTs plaintively.

Quoth the patient, “No hablo Ingles”.

Sigh. Is my pronunciation that bad? Must look up “I don’t care about immigration status” and keep that handy.


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