Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

In lieu of anything interesting, it is time once again to examine the Thrilling Days of Yesteryear – 2005 to be exact – to see what happened on the rescue side.

Call Volume and Times
Number of Calls 139
First Due Calls 90
Other Calls 49
Average Drive Time 11:16
Average Scene Time 17:53
Average Time On Call 31:00
Total Time On Calls 72 hrs 48 min
BLS Transports 71
ALS Transports 42
Patient Refusals 19
Dead at Scene 2
Cancelled Calls 5
Call Types
Car Accidents 20
Assaults 10
Injuries 31
Medical Calls 78
Homes 79
Recreation Facilities 4
Street/Hwy 25
Public Building 21
Residental Institution 6
Educational Institution 2
Unspecified 2
Patient Demographics
Male 79
Female 60
Average Age 42
Min Age Newborn
Max Age 93
Tone Drop Breakdown
Midnight-6am 38
7am – Noon 28
One pm – 6pm 31
7pm – Midnight 40

Now, some of the numbers are admittedly skewed. For instance, there were two calls to a fourth due call which put our response time way, way up. Without those, we average about four minutes from tone-drop to patient.

Some of the skewing is less visible. We rotate on an every sixth-day basis, which means five times out of seven DTs runs a weekday, from 18:00 to 06:00. The other two of seven are 08:00 – 08:00 weekend shifts (24 hours). If a weekday shift falls on a federal holiday, that day is run as a 24-hour as well. Bottom line of all that is the Tone Drop Breakdown may be leaving out a goodly number of 6am to 6pm calls which happen while the career guys are staffing the units.


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