Little Things, Part 1

One is not always allowed to choose one’s own partner, and this is an accepted aspect of the business. When a pair of folks are teamed up, over time they may develop a feeling for each other’s style and way of doing things. I, for instance, always like to load conscious patients into an elevator with their head at the back of the car. See what you think: Next time you’re on an elevator, stand with your back to the doors. Don’t peek around as the car stops at each floor. Meself, I find it annoying for some reason, whereas if I can see who’s boarding or leaving, or why we’re stopping at each floor, that’s okay.

My current partner understands this, and without needing direction will position the cot at the elevators to load in just this fashion. Other partners, well… It just doesn’t seem right to have a “This is the way we do it…” talk. People take offense.

So, in the spirit of Goofus and Gallant, here’s a cartoon for future partners:


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  1. Thans for finally riting about >Little Things, Part 1 | DTsEMT <Loved it!

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