Tools of the Trade

I admit it – I “over tool”. And while it isn’t always possible to arrive at a 911 call and whip out a Handy Dandy Pocket Defibrillator, still, there’s a reason that dispatch gives you more information than just an address. It’s always, “123 Wombat Avenue, possible stroke,” or “22 Didjeridoo Lane, chest pain.” This allows one to at least prepare for the initial patient contact with a good guess at the proper equipment.

Transports usually provide even more information. After all, the patient is usually in a free-standing ER and going to surgery – or whatever – and initial assessments and diagnoses have been made by the docs and RNs at the facility. Still, an assessment by the transport medic should be de rigueur.

DTs exited the ambulance and brought forth the Cot of Transport recently, then – “Crike!” – rushed back into the cab for his Stealthascope.

A ridealong asked, “What was that all about?”

“Have you ever called a plumber to your house?” asked DTs.


“Well, did he show up with his hands in his pockets, or with his tools?”


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