Nuthin Wrong With Hate

Having grown up in the hippie generation DTs well knows about all that “Not hate, man. Love. Yeah, love.” crap. Methinks however that it is okay to hate.

For instance, I personally hate racism and garbage like that. Nazis. Hypocrisy. Especially liars.

Also I strongly dislike “-phobics”, e.g. xenophobics (“Damn furriners!”) and homophobics (“Damn queers!”) but realize that the phobites are more often than not simply a result of their upbringing and “don’t know no better.” A phobic, I think, can be cured. This is neither here nor there.

Because we’re talking about true, seething hatred – the kind that eats you up and keeps you warm at night. Yes, this is reserved for the UberScheissEsser Gott verdammte lugen Abschaum NREMT.

Knowing I needed a retest on a practical station or two, I anxiously visited the NREMT website twice daily to try and get some idea of what was happening. The website tells me that “The results of your practical test were mailed 2/7/07.”

Bing! Lessee, three days or so to come from Ohio… I’ve been haunting the mailbox since 2/10, gnawing fingernails and erroneously swearing at the inefficiencies of the U.S. Snail.

But here it is! In hand, DTs has his test results!

Postmarked 2/13/07. The MFers lied. See paragraph 2.

Now what, to you, does that signify? To me, it appears that the mailroom at NREMT HQ is as grossly inefficient and woefully clueless as the rest of the organization – this would fit the facts.

God, how I hate them. Surely, I cannot be the only one who hopes that the Rocco V. Morando building (NREMT Central) is constructed of match heads and tar paper with a Free Smoking policy in the lobby? But that is a pointless and evil wish…


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