Moving Day

After 62,686 hits on the old website, I suppose it was time to move.  Reason the first, WordPress allows me to hook up an RSS feed to my Facebook page – Jeez.  Reason the second, the url to this version is a lot cleaner than the old Verizon url.  Reason the third:  Categories.  That’s pretty cool stuff, right there.

SO, if anyone still wants to link to this thing, this is the place.

The one thing I’m not too keen on was losing all those entertaining and insightful comments from the old blog.  C’est la guerre, mais je me regret.

I’ve added a meta tag in the old site which should automatically redirect to WordPress, so we’ll see how that goes.  And, as usual with any move, things are gonna be still in boxes for a while, so I appreciate your patience as I get it all sorted out.



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