PTS 2010 Protocols in Mobi format.

Mobi format is read natively by the free Kindle App (Android Marketplace, IPhone App Store), or the free MobiPocket Reader (Palm,  Windows Mobile, Blackberry) available from

You may need to right-click the link and Save As…, or long-press the link to begin a download dialogue, to download directly to your pda.

Or, on your PC, right-click the above “PTS 2010” link and select “Save link” or “Save link as” – this will download it to your PC where you can sync it with your phone.

Please report any errors you find to DTs. You can leave ’em here in the comments section if you like. Thanks!


Known Issues:

– In some cases, especially where drugs and dosages are detailed, the bullet/paragraph numbering system got confused and restarted numbering.  Example:  1) Administer Lidocaine; 1) Administer Nitro  (where the Nitro should be step 2); will fix in future update.



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