Re-Written Android App

App Inventor was a lot of fun, but is being discontinued 12/2011.

I’ve since re-written the Drip Timer app so it’ll still be available. The good news is that the app went from 3.89 MB (App Inventor) to 320KB (native). If you’ve already installed it from here, please Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Apps and de-install it. Reinstall from the Market, or:

Free*3 (no purchase, no ads, no fee)




2 Responses

  1. You have a typo on 10 button – ggts vs gtts
    Please find room for a 15 drops

  2. Thanks! I appreciate your comment. I *hope* I’ve fixed the typo without introducing any new. Just published version 1.10 which has both 15 and 20 dropsets added.

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