Extending the Art

We each do what we can.  Current backing signals are:

Backing - turn left

Direct the rear of the vehicle to the left


Backing right

Direct the rear of the vehicle to the right

And of course,

Backer stop


But I have developed a new signal – quite accidentally, just wasn’t thinking actually.  Think of pantomiming “the Bunny hop”:  Hands in front, making little “wave” motions up and down, while you jump:

Speed bump

You are about to go over a speed bump.

It looks really stupid, but your driver will laugh, and some days that’s what ya need.




Tools of the Trade

I admit it – I “over tool”. And while it isn’t always possible to arrive at a 911 call and whip out a Handy Dandy Pocket Defibrillator, still, there’s a reason that dispatch gives you more information than just an address. It’s always, “123 Wombat Avenue, possible stroke,” or “22 Didjeridoo Lane, chest pain.” This allows one to at least prepare for the initial patient contact with a good guess at the proper equipment.

Transports usually provide even more information. After all, the patient is usually in a free-standing ER and going to surgery – or whatever – and initial assessments and diagnoses have been made by the docs and RNs at the facility. Still, an assessment by the transport medic should be de rigueur.

DTs exited the ambulance and brought forth the Cot of Transport recently, then – “Crike!” – rushed back into the cab for his Stealthascope.

A ridealong asked, “What was that all about?”

“Have you ever called a plumber to your house?” asked DTs.


“Well, did he show up with his hands in his pockets, or with his tools?”

Little Things, Part 2

Unless you’re performing CPR or otherwise engaged, it is not neither too hard to lift the darned wheels over door thresholds. Oh – thought I’d mention that “the characters depicted or described herein are purely fictional and are not meant to reflect real people; any similarities to persons real or imagined is purely coincidental.”

So there.

Lift the wheels over the bump, dude.

Little Things, Part 1

One is not always allowed to choose one’s own partner, and this is an accepted aspect of the business. When a pair of folks are teamed up, over time they may develop a feeling for each other’s style and way of doing things. I, for instance, always like to load conscious patients into an elevator with their head at the back of the car. See what you think: Next time you’re on an elevator, stand with your back to the doors. Don’t peek around as the car stops at each floor. Meself, I find it annoying for some reason, whereas if I can see who’s boarding or leaving, or why we’re stopping at each floor, that’s okay.

My current partner understands this, and without needing direction will position the cot at the elevators to load in just this fashion. Other partners, well… It just doesn’t seem right to have a “This is the way we do it…” talk. People take offense.

So, in the spirit of Goofus and Gallant, here’s a cartoon for future partners: